1.Tightness, unerringness, iner-rableness, infallibleness, unfailingness; absoluteness, certainty, sureness, positiveness, definiteness, fixedness.
2. accuracy, accurateness, exactness, exactitude, precision, preciseness; closeness, fidelity, faithfulness, conformity; truth, truthfulness, veracity, verity, veri-tableness; fact, actuality, factuality, literalness, authenticity, soundness, validity, validness, integrity; flawlessness, inerrancy, faultlessness, perfection.
3. properness, suitability, suitableness, seemliness, becomingness; fitness, fittingness, befittingness, meetness, appropriateness, aptness.
4. propriety, decorum, etiquette, customs, conventions; amenities, civilities, urbanities, graces, courtesies; good manners, good breeding, bon ton, good form.

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